Join us for another fascinating week with
Professor Antal Fekete
Renowned mathematician and monetary scientist.

Sometimes called the "Einstein of Money" Professor Antal Fekete will explain what he means by an ‘unadulterated gold standard’, compare this with other forms of ‘gold standards', why they are all imposters of the real one. He will also speak about the role of gold as:

- a numéraire or standard for measuring value;
- the only ultimate extinguisher of all debts, without loss;
- being still the best present good, when choosing between present and future goods; and
- something valuable to hoard in times of crisis and the importance of gold hoarding as an economic decision.

This is a unique opportunity to see and hear from a tireless advocate for better education and general knowledge of monetary matters, a world renown authority on Carl Menger’s principles of economics and their relevance today as we witness the ongoing application of failed economic theories.

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Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December 2011
Business School of the University of Auckland
Owen G Glenn Building
Decima Glenn Room, Side C, Level 3
12 Grafton Road
Auckland City

COSTS (All amounts are GST Inclusive)
For attendance to all ten lectures, or the whole week, of the Symposium:
NZ$750 (If registration and payment are received before the Symposium begins.)

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NZ$1000 (if registration and payment are received on day one of the Symposium.)

For attendance to only selected lectures during the week of the Symposium:
NZ$200 per day (Irrespective of when registration and payment are received.)

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Symposium On Gold
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In this man of extraordinary courage, penetrating inquiry, integrity, humanity, and common sense come together in a way that is all too rare in the world of economics and money matters. A deep thinker, Professor Fekete’s message is delivered with much clarity, simplicity and wit.

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Each of the ten lectures will last one hour and will be followed by a question and answers period lasting up to one hour. There will be one lecture per morning, starting at 10am, and one lecture per afternoon, starting at 2pm.

A cocktail reception will also be held during the week, where Professor Fekete and Louis Boulanger will say a few words on the monetary disorder we find ourselves in today and the role of gold. This will take place on the Tuesday 29th of November, late afternoon after the lecture. All who have registered and paid for attending the whole Symposium will be welcome to attend at no charge.

Professor Fekete will be assisted by the following people, who will also give or assist with one or two lectures:

- Sandeep Jaitly (U.K.)
- Keith Weiner (U.S.A)
- Rudy Fritsch (Canada)
- Louis Boulanger (New Zealand)
Each lecture will be followed by complimentary tea, coffee and refreshments, before the Q&A session starts. Your booking will also include a complimentary copy of lecture notes to take away.

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There are many hotels close by including The Langham, The Corpthorne and The Pullman.

The university may also have accommodation available at a much lower price. If this is of interest, please enquire with the University of Auckland: http://www.accommodation.auckland.ac.nz

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